Meet Barb

About the Artist

Barb Schuckman has been designing and handcrafting contemporary one inch scale miniature accessories since 1978. She studied fine arts at Boston University and received a Bachelor of Science in Education with a specialty in Art from Hofstra University. Barb also completed graduate classes at Queens College.

Barb's interest in creating miniatures lead her to become active in two local community miniatures clubs sponsored by N.A.M.E. (National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts). Barb taught workshops at both clubs. She served as a member of the board of directors of The South Shore Miniature Association and held the positions of Vice President and President of The North Shore Miniature Enthusiasts.

Barb's miniature career started when she sold her miniature creations at a few retail shows and at N.A.M.E. "House Parties".

Once Barb began selling wholesale, she joined the fledgling organization, CIMTA (The Cottage Industry Miniatures Trade Association), and became an integral part of their founding Board of Directors. Barb held several positions on the Executive Committee of the MIAA (The Miniatures Industry Association of America) Board of Directors, including the Vice President's and President's chair. Barb is best known for her complete line of Judaic Miniatures, and is a founding member of the American Guild of Judaic Art.

Articles about Barb's miniature creations have appeared in many trade, retail and news publications. Barb wrote a featured article in each issue of Miniatures Marketplace in addition to articles about various Jewish Holidays. Copies of these articles and others are available to download from this web site.

At Trade Shows Barb hosts seminars on a variety of topics pertinent to owners of miniatures businesses. Please stop by and join in one of these popular discussions. Barb would enjoy meeting you.

Articles By Barb: (Not available for download)

International Dolls House News - Summer 1995 - A JEWISH WEDDING

International Dolls House News - Spring 1995 - PASSOVER - A Jewish Spring Festival

International Dolls House News - October 1995 - BAR MITZVAH AND BAT MITZVAH

International Dolls House News - December 1995 - CHANUKAH THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS

International Dolls House News - October 1996 - JEWISH FOODS

Articles About By Barb: (Not available for download)

The Miniature Magazine - Winter 1981 - GETTING THAT HOLIDAY SPIRIT IN MINIATURE

Nutshell News - November 1988 - JUDAIC MINIATURES "BY BARB"

Jewish Week - February 1995 - THE ART OF JUDAISM

Dollhouse Miniatures - November 2000 - WEAR YOUR MINIS!

Miniature Collector - November 2002 - CHANUKAH, A FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS

Dollhouse Miniatures - April 2006 - "BY BARB"